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domingo, 18 de março de 2012

The Mystic World Of Augustus Pablo The Rockers Story [ CD & DVD] (Box Set 2008)

Disco 1

01.Augustus Pablo - East Of The River Nile
02.Jacob Miller - False Rasta
03.Augustus Pablo - 555 Crown St.
04.Augustus Pablo - 555 Dub
05.Heptones (the) - Love Won’t Come Easy
06.Dillinger - Take It Easy
07.Augustus Pablo - Frozen Dub
08.Jacob Miller - Baby I Love You So
09.Augustus Pablo - Cassava Piece
10.Augustus Pablo - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
11.Augustus Pablo - Skanking Easy
12.Augustus Pablo - Skanking Dub
13.Junior Delgado - Blackman Heart
14.Hugh Mundell - Africa Must Be Free (By The Year 1983)
15.Augustus Pablo - Park Lane Special
16.Augustus Pablo - Keep On Dubbing
17.Jah Levi - Selassie Verandah

Disco 2

01.Jah Iny - El Rockers I
02.Earl 16 - Changing World
03.Augustus Pablo - Havendale Rock
04.Hugh Mundell - Why Do Black Men Fuss And Fight
05.Augustus Pablo - Rockers Meet King Tubbys Ina Fire House
06.Augustus Pablo - AP Special
07.Paul Blackman - Earth Wind And Fire
08.Delroy Williams - Think Twice
09.Augustus Pablo - Israel In Harmony (12” Extended Version With Dub)
10.Augustus Pablo - Vibrate On (feat. Lee Perry)
11.Augustus Pablo - Silent Satta
12.Norris Reid - Black Forces
13.Augustus Pablo - Ital Sip
14.Augustus Pablo - Thunderclap
15.Tetrack - Let’s Get Started
16.Augustus Pablo - Pablo Dread Ina Red (feat. Yabby You)

Disco 3

01.Augustus Pablo - Earth’s Rightful Ruler
02.Augustus Pablo - Jah Light
03.Norris Reid - Entrance To Jah World (extended 12” Mix With Dub)
04.Augustus Pablo - King David’s Melody
05.Augustus Pablo - Short Man Dub
06.Junior Delgado - Raggamuffin Year
07.Augustus Pablo - Java
08.Augustus Pablo - Upful Living
09.Johnny Osbourne - Rude Boy
10.Augustus Pablo - Creation Blues
11.Augustus Pablo - Drums To The King
12.Junior Delgado - One Day
13.Augustus Pablo - Zion Way Dub
14.Augustus Pablo - Eastern Code
15.Willi Williams - No War
16.Augustus Pablo - Drum Song

Disco 4

01.Augustus Pablo - Iggy Iggy
02.Augustus Pablo - Pablo In Dub
03.Augustus Pablo - Hap-Ki-Do
04.Hugh Mundell - Stop Them Jah (extended 12” Mix)
05.Asher and Tremble - Humble Yourself (7” Version)
06.Rockers All-star - Humble Version
07.Delroy Williams - Foxhole
08.Rockers All-star - Son Of Man Dub
09.Sister Frica - One In The Spirit (extended 12” Mix)
10.Augustus Pablo - Twin Seal (extended 12” Mix)
11.Immortals (the) - Can’t Keep A Good Man Down (7” Mix)
12.Rockers All-star - Can’t Keep A Good Dub Down
13.Earl 16 - Freedom Fighter
14.Augustus Pablo - Third Eye
15.Augustus Pablo - Third Eye Version (feat Augustus Pablo All Stars)
16.Jah Levi - Zion A Fe Lion
17.Rockers All-star - Abashanti Dub
18.Augustus Pablo - Full Up (12” Extended Version)

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