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terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2011

Gregory Isaacs - Lonely Lover (3CD)(2011)

Disc 1

01. It's All In The Game
02. No One Is To Blame
03. Woman We A Lover (Unforgettable) Ft. Sheriff
04. My Heart Is Bleeding
05. I'm Leaving You For Good
06. Temperamental Lover
07. Can't Love You Alone
08. Lovely Lady
09. No Body Knows
10. Gimmie

Disc 2

01. Girls Dem We Love (Can't Love You Alone) Ft. Baby Way
02. Promise To Be True
03. Unforgettable
04. Maximum Respect
05. Storm
06. Too Late Gonna Be Your Cry
07. Don't Distress
08. Gimme That Loving (Gimme) Ft. Little Twitch
09. Ungrateful Woman
10. Brother Don't Give Up

Disc 3

01. Love Funny (I'm Leaving You For Good) Ft. Tommy Troub
02. Too Late To Cry
03. Looking For A Love
04. For Just A Matter Of Time
05. In The Heart Of The City
06. Who Have Eyes
07. The First One To Start
08. Say A Special Prayer
09. New Dance
10. Turn To The Fabber Ft. Ninjaman
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