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segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2011

Jimmy Cliff - Black Magic 2004

1 Fantastic Plastic People
2 Love Comes (Feat. Annie Lennox)
3 Positive Mind (The World Is Yours)
4 The City
5 Jamaica Time
6 People (Feat. Sting)
7 Terror
8 War In Jerusalem
9 Over The Border (Feat. Joe Strummer)
10 No Problems Only Solutions
11 Want I do I Get
12 Black Magic
13 Dance (Feat. Wyclef)
14 Ooh La La Let's Go Dancing (Feat. Bounty Killer And Kool & The Gang)
15 Take Your Time (Feat. Y. Noah)
16 Fantastic Plastic People (Feat. Sting)

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